Update 11/01/2023 – The outbreak of the Sudan ebolavirus in Uganda is officially over, as declared earlier by the Ugandan Ministry of Health. A total of 142 cases have been confirmed, with no new cases reported in the last 42 days. With 55 confirmed deaths, the fatality rate of this Ebola flare-up in Uganda is 39%.

The outbreak was declared on 20 September 2022, when a case of the Sudan virus was detected in the Mubende District. Since then, the Ugandan Ministry of Health, WHO and all partners put every effort into curbing the virus and preventing further spread and infections.

“Uganda put a swift end to the Ebola outbreak by ramping up key control measures such as surveillance, contact tracing and infection, prevention and control. While we expanded our efforts to put a strong response in place across the nine affected districts, the magic bullet has been our communities who understood the importance of doing what was needed to end the outbreak, and took action,” said Dr Jane Ruth Aceng Ocero, Minister of Health of Uganda.

Health authorities in Uganda and neighbouring countries remain vigilant and continue to strengthen their outbreak response capacities.