The World Health Organisation declared on 21 November that the Ebola outbreak in D.R. Congo is officially over. The end of an epidemic can be declared once 42 days have passed and no new cases have been detected.

An Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak was reported in August 2014 in several villages in the equatorial forest, at 68 km from Boende, Equateur Province, D.R. Congo.

This confined epidemic was unrelated to the epidemic currently ongoing in West Africa. The primary case was infected while preparing an Ebola infected wild animal for consumption. This person died while displaying symptoms of a hemorrhagic fever. Ebola was considered as one of the causes after several health care workers were also infected.

In total, 66 persons were infected with the virus. 49 patients died.

The situation was monitored by a team of the Congolese Ministry of Health. Resources to isolate and treat the sick and protect the health care workers were brought in place. Two new treatment facilities were built in the region.

This was the seventh Ebola outbreak to hit Congo since 1975.